Aerospace and Aviation

Aerospace and Aviation industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the last decade. Being a highly lucrative and formidable industry, Aerospace and Aviation industry encourages a number of investors every year. From Aerotronic Inc. to Wright Electric, new companies with innovative ideas keep on emerging. As the promoters of a business-friendly ecosystem, we ensure these ideas get transformed into surreal reality.

A Robust Industry to Do Business

Aerospace and Aviation is one of the most capital-demanding industries. Space technology is costly, and when combined with high hardware and skilled labor cost, makes it one of the costliest industries to start a business. Every year, dozens of firms invest in this industry, but only a couple or more make it to the mark of success. Do they have a bad idea? Aren’t they skilled enough? The most significant reason why the companies in the Aviation industry fail is the lack of equity capital.

Dominant Players of Aviation Industry
Air India:

Air India scripted the beginning of the Aviation industry in India. J.R.D. Tata founded Air India in 1912 but now it is owned by the government and it mostly operates in international routes.

Jet Airways:

Jet Airways was founded by Naresh Goyal in 1974. Currently Jet Airways carries almost 30 million passengers per annum.


Indigo commenced its operation in 2006 but now it is one of the most dominant forces in aviation industry owing to tremendous improvement in their business and service.


It is a domestic airline operating within India. The price of tickets in SpiceJet is generally lower than other airlines. It operates in 46 destinations.

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A&T Capitals

At heart, A&T Capitals is a venture funding organization that works with different industrial firms to bring entrepreneurs into the syatem.We explore, identify and finally invest in Equity participation in commercially viable projects to transform your dream into a universal reality.

The Rise of Aviation and Aerospace Industry

Talking about the Asia-Pacific market, in particular, China has the largest aviation market, followed by India, the largest-growing aviation market in the region. During the forecast period, the aviation market of this region is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of more than 3.5%. With ideas like delivery drones and driverless choppers taking the market by storm, we are confident that this industry is full of opportunities, and will give birth to more phenomenal firms in coming days.

Function of Venture capital in Aerospace and Aviation Industry

Aerospace and Aviation Industry needs huge amount of capital. The production cost Aerospace and Aviation goods are huge. So, companies working in this industry often find it very difficult to manage adequate funds. That is why the role of venture capital becomes very important.

Services of A&T Capitals in Aerospace and Aviation Industry

A&T Capitals is a venture funding organization that provides firms capital as well as skills for the sake of the organization. As a business partner, we provide firms up to 80% to 85% capital and expect 15-20% cash margin from the project. We work as a partner of profit with the companies and our philosophy is to work with complete trust and transparency. The projects on which we work must have adequate back security / NAV (Net Asset Value). At first we recognize the commercially viable projects and then we utilize our strategic, financial, and management expertise to transform our clients’ ideas into blatant reality.

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