Electronic Media and Entertainment Industry

Electronic Media and Entertainment Industry

The industry that emerged, grow in stature and come out very successfully in last three decades or so is electronic media and entertainment industry. It is often termed by experts as sunrise sector of the economy for the growth it has made in such short time. This industry has gone through a continuous process of transformation in the last decade Mobile network, internet service and use of Smartphone increased immensely in recent time and entertainment industry moulded its shape according to the change.

Development of Entertainment Industry

As mentioned before entertainment industry has gone through a continuous process of change. This industry largely depends on technological developments like wireless, bluetooth, radio wave, sound wave, internet access speeds, smartphone, storage device, signal strength, etc. This industry successfully adopted these developments. Since 1990s, digital media started to emerge, in early 2000s, the large scale use of internet given the industry a major breakthrough and currently social media and entertainment applications has taken over the dominance.

Multiple Sectors of Entertainment Industry
Film Industry:

Film industry simply dominates entertainment media. Among all the countries, the maximum number of films is produced in India in different languages. The majority of the revenue of this industry comes from ticket sale in cinema halls. DVD selling, advertisement and sponsorships are some other sources of revenue of film industry.


Television is media that has the capacity to access maximum number of people, so generally it became very popular. Television industry started in India with Doordarshan in 1959. Other major firms of this industry are BBC, Zee Network, STAR, CNN, etc.

Radio Industry:

Radio Industry started it operation in 1923. All India Radio started functioning in 1936. Currently some famous radio channels are Radio Mirchi, Big FM, Red FM, Radio City, etc.

Print Media Industry:

Printing industry is a robust industry. It takes care of printing newspaper, magazines, weekly journal and all types of books. Digitalization vastly helped this industry for the functioning of this industry.

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Future of Entertainment Industry

From daily newspaper to digital news media, from watching movie in cinema hall to watching movie in internet, from fax and emails to text message, entertainment media moulded its shape keeping pace with technological developments. According to the reports virtual reality (VR) and internet video streaming will experience maximum growth up to 2023 and major part of this revenue is likely to come from China and India. With mass level use of smartphone, PCR, VCR and internet this industry will surely dominate in coming future.

Role of Venture Capital

Venture capital has an important role to play in entertainment industry specially financing new and upcoming companies. The role of venture capital is not limited to only financing. It also helps the firms to overcome the challenges they face in the early stages.

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