Hotel and Hospital Industry

Hotel and Hospital Industry fall under hospitality sector which in broader sense are part of service sector. Hotel industry deals with the accommodation of the guests with food and lodging, on a short-term basis. While providing medical attention to sick patients, manufacturing medical equipments and drugs, providing medical insurance, etc fall under the category of Hospital Industry that popularly known as Healthcare industry. This industry currently holds 15% market share.

Multiple Business Opportunity under different Sectors of Healthcare Industry

Business opportunity in the Healthcare Industry is not limited to just hospitals and nursing homes and providing healthcare to unwell patients. Drug Manufacturing Industry focuses on manufacturingessential drugs. Medical Equipment Manufacturing Sector produces primary medical equipments like bandage, stethoscope, injection series, scalpels as well as high-tech medical equipment like MRI machine, X-ray machine, surgical robot, ECG Machine.Diagnostic Laboratory Service helps patients to go through a variety of medical test according to doctor’s suggestion for proper medical diagnosis.

Business Scope under Various Sectors of Hotel Industry

Business scope under Hotel sector has multiple dimensions. It has following dimensions of services which fall under this umbrella term::

Bed & Breakfasts

Bed & Breakfasts service popularly known as B&B Service. Under this service guests are provided mattress, bed sheet, pillow, etc. and breakfast in the morning.


Resorts are usually located near the tourist spots that provide overnight accommodation for guests often along with breakfast and dinner.


Boatels are specially designed boats with hotel like facilities. This service is mainly popular in coastal areas and in river-based tourist spots.

Holiday Cottages

Holiday Cottages are designed in a cottage-like style usually in the tourist spots of remote area. Holiday cottages also provide most of the facilities of a hotel.

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Role of Venture Capital in Hotel and Hospital Industry

Hotel and Hospital Industry require a huge amount of capital as well as management skill. So, whenever companies invest in Hotel and Hospital industry, they have to face the problem of insufficient capital. So, the role of venture capital becomes very important here. Firms find it very difficult to manage resources without venture capital. Therefore role of venture capital becomes double important.

Future Prospect of Hotel and Hospital Industry

Well, the Hotel and Hospital Industry is growing at faster pace than any other Industry. South-east Asian nations are rich in cultural and historical heritage. With its geographical diversity, this part of the world has become a paradise for the tourists. So, there is no reason why Hotel Industry cannot prosper. With the changing climate and increasing pollution, human beings are no more vulnerable to diseases than ever before. This changing circumstance offers Healthcare industry a greater chance to prosper.

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