Power Sector

Power Sector and its Opportunities

Power is one of the most critical factors for economic development and welfare of any nation. Because of its ever growing demand, power sector is growing at a rapid speed in developing countries of south-east Asia. As a result this sector encourages a number of new and established companies every year. As we advocate business friendly ecosystem, we help to transform your ideas into reality.

Multi-dimensional Business Opportunity in Power Sector

Power Sector itself offers multi-dimensional business opportunity for the start-ups. South- east Asian countries use conventional and non conventional sources of power to generate energy. Among the conventional sources coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc are predominant and among non-conventional sources solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, biogas from biomass, etc deserves mention.

Non-conventional Sources of Power:
Solar Energy:

Solar Energy is produced by exposing photovoltaic cells to sunlight. As it is pollution free, the use of solar as a source of energy will only increase in the years to

Wind Power:

Wind power is generated by arresting the power of wind. With other conventional sources are drying up, wind power will be used more and more as a source of energy in coming days.

Tidal Energy:

Exploiting the tidal waves of the sea Tidal energy is produced. Once cost effective Technology comes, use tidal energy will grow.

Biogas from Biomass:

Use of biogas is already very common in households. However, it has the potential to be used at industries providing sufficient technological growth.

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Conventional Sources of Power:
  • Coal Based Power: South-east Asian countries are blessed with natural resources like coal. It is the most primitive source of energy.
  • Oil and Natural Gas: Now days it is considered most important source of energy. Oil and Natural gas power is now used in automobiles, trains, planes and ships.
  • Nuclear Power: India and other south east Asian countries also developed nuclear power plants. In coming days the use of nuclear power plants as a source of energy is likely to increase as other natural resources like coal, natural gas and natural oil are drying up.
An Industry Where Your Investment Will Reap Rewards

With constant rise of demand will give you desirable return of your investment as it is among one of the most profitable industries. Conventional and non-conventional sources of energy will take care of your raw-materials and skilled management of resources will bring high returns.

Future Prospect of Power Based Industries

Power based industries has gone through a steady change and the demand for electricity has taken steep pick-up in the last decade or so. The demand curve of power industries will never face any decline. So, there will not be any market decline in this Industry.

If You Need Our Expert Guidance

A&T Capitals offers new power based firms necessary guidance and help so that they can transform their ideas into reality. A&T Capitals also provides guidance to the companies so that they can cope with challenges that they will face in the various stages of their venture. We provide special resource management skill. We are South Asia’s leading private investment firm that utilizes its strategic, financial, and management expertise to grow business. Our fields of expertise include capital investment, strategic financial management, cost control with complete trust and transparency.

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