Real Estate

Real Estate

The phrase ‘Real Estate’ basically denotes to ‘real properties’ which are tangible in nature. Few examples of such properties are residential house, flats, commercial house, warehouse, government building, mine, cinema hall, road, apartment, air right above the land and underground right below the land. Real estate industry is one of the most promising industry in current market scenario and experts foretell very promising future for this industry. Currently, real estate industry currently has 5% market share and it will only grow from here in coming days.

How Real Estate Industry Works

Purchase of raw land is the primary step of real estate industry. Then making construction with the help of the developers according to market demand is the next step. With the marketing firms, brokers work closely to find buyers. Brokers function as a medium between buyers and sellers. Property Management unit helps owners of the real estate to rent out units of construction. Apart from real estate owners and agents, various other professionals like carpenters, electricians, interior designers, layers are closely associated with real estate industry.

Different Types of Real Estate
Real Estate can be classified into four different categories:

The base any real property is land. Land typically refers to underdeveloped and unoccupied space. Real estate owners develop the acquired land and rezone it to amplify the value of that property so that while selling they can get maximum benefit.

Residential Real Estate:

It is the most common form of real estate and most of the people are familiar with. Houses and flats come under this category. These estates are owned by individual buyer or family.

Commercial Real Estate:

Commercial property is used to carry out business that generates revenue. Commercial properties are owned by private owners or companies. Few examples of commercial property are shopping malls, banks, office buildings, cinema halls, indoor stadiums, etc.

Industrial Real Estate:

IIndustrial properties are predominantly used to manufacture goods or provided services. Factories, drug producing houses, warehouses, mines, parks, etc comes under this category.

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Future Possibility in Real Estate Industry

Real Estate investments are subjected to long term returns. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) has managed to get its approval from SEBI that will encourage the investors to a great extend in the coming days. Besides, after the establishment RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority), introduction of GST and globalization and urbanization at its peak the demand for resident houses will definitely enhance.

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