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Ideas are not enough; transforming ideas into reality is what matters

A&T Capitals is a venture funding organization with a portfolio of 16B+ USD catering its services worldwide for two decades now. Being 1 st generation capital partners and asset managers in a variety of industries (including Infrastructure, Aerospace Research, Media & Entertainment, Power, Hotel and Hospitality, Manufacturing Sector, etc), we have been helping our partner brands grow multifold within the shortest period of time. ‘Partners of Profit’– is the principle based on which our working module works. We explore every single business prospect by assessing the core strengths, then chasing the financial appraisal. We capitalise on the opportunity and secure it with assets (Tangible and Non-Tangible).
Our clients are well-established brands with a healthy
reputation and good hands in the proposed business
industry. Based on equity participation, we invest in
commercially viable projects aiming targeted growth,
security and multifold valuation in that industry.

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Our Philosophy

Philosophy behind our investment policies follows the concept of ‘Partners of Profit’. Our strength lies in complete trust and transparency with supporting credentials, professionally defined appraisal and after-sales control system managed by world-class accounting and auditing firms.

Our Potential Clients

A&T Capitals works with established and reputed brands with healthy past performance and equipped skill in proposed business venture. The proposed project must have adequate back security/NAV (Net Asset Value). Therefore, start-ups or NPA companies can never be our business partner.

Method of Our Business

We explore, we identify, we select and finally we invest in the client’s project and securitize it by Equity Shares. Clients’ project must be commercially viable to us irrespective of the nature or territory of the business industry.

A World of Opportunities

A&T Capitals is South Asia’s leading private investment firm that utilizes its strategic, financial, and management expertise to build or grow new and existing businesses. Our fields of expertise include capital investment, strategic financial management, cost control, and increasing operational efficiencies. A few factors mandatory to develop and grow a business are.

  • Recognizing high potential ventures and make long-term investments with not only equity capital but with skills fostering the growth of a company.
  • Identifying potential business opportunities for aspiring investors and open doors for high return ventures without any hassle.
Enhancing Global Visibility

Finding promising business ideas during various stages of venture has been our priority and foreseeing potential growth of it is our responsibility. The initial journey is challenging and consists of a plethora of ups and downs. Making an established business requires planning, strong will power to take risks, endurance to cope with psychological & physical stress while building a global presence with an excellent idea. This predicament of companies and entrepreneurs does not look like a fair deal to us; thus, we make sure that your global visibility shines high!

Keys To Successful Investment
  1. Understanding the right requirements
  2. Analysing investment environment & competition
  3. Coordinating and synthesizing the return on investment



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