Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry is the Industry that transforms raw materials into finished products for the ready made use of the consumers. The transformation processes are generally physical, chemical or mechanical. Manufacturing is mainly done by machines that are operated by specialists. The goods produced can either be used as finished product or can be used as an intermediary product for further production. Though service sector is at its peak now, manufacture industry will always survive because it fulfils the basic necessity of our daily life.

How Manufacturing Industry Works

This industry is the works as a producer of wealth in an economy. Manufacturing industry predominantly produces physical good. For raw materials manufacturers use steel, iron, gasoline, forest, natural gas, minerals, coals as raw materials. Then, raw materials are manufactured in machine to produce product that are ready for use. The process of manufacturing adds value to the product. The advancement in technology has helped manufacturing industry immensely.

Various Types of Manufacturing Industry

Textile industry produces garments from raw materials like cotton, wool, flax and make them available in the market for sale. Textile industry is one of the most primitive industries of the world.


Automobile industry involves a large number of firms that plan, design, develop and manufacture different kinds of motor vehicles, parts and accessory instruments. Automobile industry is the fourth largest industry in the market.

Metal Manufacturing Industry:

Metal manufacturing industry is heavy industry. This industry manufactures steel, iron, bronze and other metals from raw minerals. Mines are source of raw materials in metal manufacturing industry.

Electronics Industry:

Electronics industry produces goods that are mostly operated by electricity. Some products of this industry are television, mobile, computer, refrigerator, etc. The growth of this industry will never slow down because of globalisation and urbanisation.

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Apart from the above mentioned sectors, some other examples that include manufacturing sector are chemical industry, paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, printing industry, fashion industry, household industry, coal industry, plastic industry, etc.

Business Opportunity in Forthcoming Time

At the moment, when the service sector is at its peak, the growth of manufacturing sector has slowed down a little. But with globalization and urbanisation, the demand for manufacturing goods will increase in coming years. As the products of this sector satisfy our basic and daily needs, manufacturing will always find a way to survive.

Role of Venture Capital

Role of venture capital is very important in manufacturing sector. Firms are never short of ideas. At the initial stage, the challenge always remains managing huge amount of capital. Venture Capital helps the firms to manage finance at the beginning as well as throughout course of the business.

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