Infrastructure Industry

Infrastructure Industry

Generally it is understood that, for the overall growth of any Industry the most significant driver is Infrastructure. According to the experts Infrastructure Sector lays the foundation stone for the seamless operation of an economy. Both government and private sector play a crucial role in various infrastructure sectors like roads, railway tracks, telecom, airports, electricity, urban development, etc. This sector currently has 2% market share.

Current Market Scenario

Government and its policies will always promote infrastructure sector as contribution of this sector is key for achieving targeted GDP. Government of India has approved up to 100 percent Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in this sector. It is very natural that currently infrastructure sector is a dominant industry in India and its south-east Asian neighbouring countries as it is the home of more than 50 percent of total population of the world.

Major Components of Infrastructure Industry

Roads, Highways, Railways, Airports and Sea Ports are major subparts under Transport sector. Government and private companies work hand in hand for the construction of mediums of transport.


Telecommunication sector had the maximum growth rate in the last two decades. It has given a boost to the business like BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) and KPOs (Knowledge Processing Outsourcing).

Energy or Power:

Power sector manages of creation and distribution of electricity. The demand for electricity has picked up rapidly and in the developing countries like India there is more scope of investment in this sector.

Real Estate Infrastructure:

For overall Infrastructure development of Real Estate is a key component. Construction apartment, office building, warehouse, mine, residential and commercial building, etc. comes under this category.

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Future Growth Possibility of Infrastructure Industry

There is no doubt about future growth possibility of infrastructure sector specially developing countries like India and its neighbouring countries. Population growth is at its peak at the moment. To accommodate this population infrastructural development is must. Government and its policies are encouraging for the investors in infrastructural sector. Transport, real estate, electricity are few sectors where there is scope of large scale investment for the investors.

How Venture Capital Can Help

Venture capital plays significant role in the established of firms or evolution of new management team. Venture Capital offers finance as well as skills of different dimension like management skill, leadership skill, and business plan to new establishments. In infrastructural sector the amount of capital required is massive. Because of it, new start-ups often find it difficult to start business. So, the role of venture capital becomes very important in this sector.

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